RL Sponsors

Having seen the initial success of the Surfline SL collaboration and PADI’s amazing work in SL, we are evaluating a similar partnership with ocean focused Real Life (RL) sponsors, either surfing product, windsurfing product, scuba product, fishing product or general ocean activities product suppliers that would be interested in sponsoring Bishara Resorts, and in return having the dominant product placements within our island group.  Furthermore, the sponsor would be able to place virtual versions of their real life products in Bishara and Second Life in general for showcasing / marketing as well as general purpose testing.  We are casting our lines out wide to find people who could help with high level introductions to companies that may fit this profile, and who would enhance the overall resort environment, look and enjoyment.  If you have anyone who could help sponsor or you believe your own company would be interested, please drop a notecard to VW Sands or Dumisani Ah at your earliest convenience.


New islands have landed! WOOOTTTTT!!!

We have finally placed two of four new Open Space sims right next to Majini and Mandhari islands. Watch this space as we expand your surfing, sailing and diving experiences massively! The two islands are Pepo Island, meaning Island of Wind or Windy Island, and the other is called Wimbi Island, the Island of waves or the Wave Island. Hehehe, quite prophetic, I can promise you that. Anyone interested in new residential and commercial land MUST drop me an IM within the next 10 days as we are ordering several new full sims by the 16th of May. IM Dumisani Ah or VW Sands 😉