Don´t worry, be happy

They grief, we RIDE!

OK, so we had this awesome surf contest on Sunday the 10th of August and despite an attack on the sim by some bonehead, managed to have WAY to much fun again. Nothing like creating new surf junkies of innocent young avatars 🙂

Thanks everyone for coming out to surf and special thanks to “The Crew” for all your hard work.

Next up is the Boneyard this coming weekend for the SLSA 2008 part II opener on Saturday and then a very special day on Wimbi Island on Sunday 🙂

Paddle hard,



Woooot! (?)

Aloha Bishara – A quick update on the surf scene:

In preparation for this weekends Windsurfing comp, Heather Goodliffe has been hard at work tweaking the Epic in an effort to give the competitors a solid big wave to play on. A quick inspection of the new wave in Edit revealed “Epic3”, making it the first in SL and it seems to be running better than the old wave although somewhat slow for board surfing. More importantly however, the “pusher” and the prim seem to move much more in time with one another all but eliminating that annoying ride we use to get 4 meters out in front of the wave! After the comp this weekend, we will see if there is an option to speed things up some for board surfing.

Still no word on a server side fix for the physics issues, making frontside turns remains nearly impossible. Hopefully LL has something in the works as this has nothing to do with either the boards nor the waves but instead how the 2 interact.

And lastly, the new H4 boards are being sent by the vendors on the sims. Good news? They float! Bad news? The camera scripts leave one totally blind in the Epic! Only option is mouse-view and we all love mouse-view right? Heather is aware of the camera “problem” and I would think that the “old” cam scripts will be shipping with the new boards sooner rather than later.

All for now – see ya in the line-up 🙂