I havent been around for a while…

I miss Bish so much! I have to say these last few months since LL closed us down, I have been very much in mourning, and driven by a horrible guilt loaded with shame for dropping so many wonderful friends by losing the resort like that.  I have finally made my peace with the loss though, but I still miss just dropping out of RL into paradise and living the dream that was Bishara, Majini, Bahati, Mandhari, Pepo and Wimbi Islands.

That said it was always the people who made Bish what it was, not even the waves, the environment or the sounds.  So I was overjoyed when I heard from a friend of mine that there has been some new sims with a similar feeling, full of echoes of the past, but soaked in a much brighter future!  So seeing how it has affected him so positively to be again in a sim where the old friends have all found a new home, I have decided to write a final post here to help you all find this new paradise. If you see any of the old team there, send them my fondest regards.  I still dream of my return, and as soon as my RL avatar’s ship finally comes in, I will be back and then I too will hope to call this new place my home!


QUENCH Spotter wins SLSA JJ Lanes Shortboard Epic Surfing Competition at Morant Cays

Congratulations Q, you do us PROUD!!!

New SLSA Directors in our midst :)

Congratulations to our very own VW Sands and of course the very delectable Tauri Tigerpaw for being elected to the SLSA board.  I for one know that you will both be a huge benefit to the whole surfing community and especially the association’s organization and competition. The very overworked Sally LaSalle will have some great help on hand.

SLSA 2008 Season Best Competition Day: Majini

Woootttttt!!! I’ll say this in VW Sands absence this weekend while he is sunning his RL avatar in his beach house for a few days – the man puts on the very best for surfers in SL and this kudo for Majini is his doing and that of the surfing management team he built!  Well done, VW, against tough competition you pulled off a fantastic honour for Majini Island and Bishara Resorts!

Season finale!

Aloha Bishara! This weekend is the final event in the SLSA competition surfing season and Bishara is well represented by not less than 4 surfers! Please come out and woot for us on saturday at El Corazon. IM me for an LM or search “El Corazon” in your main map.

The season champ and the next 2 SLSA Hall of Famers will be determined after this comp. An awards party will be held on June 20th so  check this space for details or better yet, join the SLSA for in-world notices!



Surfwatch blog ROCKS!

Hey everyone, pop over to surfwatch.blogspot.com and read the very best blog on SL surf life! Click to it through the Bishara Resorts blog right here, or simply cut and paste the mentioned URL right into your browser and have some seriously entertaining reading make your day!