Can someone help me leave comments on

So after trying to leave 17 comments over the past three weeks on I am about to give up.  This morning and yesterday I left several comments to some pretty cool posts from Torley Linden, only to have none of them pop up.  Possibly something causes my posts, previously successful, now to be called spam?  Weird times.  I guess I will have to comment on his work from way over here on Bishara’s blog 😉


Ode to the Sidewinder of Lindens…

Ok, this is not quite an ode, or you would be bored out of your mind.. I’m really not good at the roses are red, violets are blue, can I have another shoe… sort of thing, so this is more of a tribute.

Reading Tauri Tigerpaw’s excellent interview with Sidewinder Linden ( reminded me of just how impressed I was with this Linden’s responses after H4 rolled out. Other than Torley Linden, I don’t think I can remember any other Linden who responded so much and in so much detail on the public SL blog ( as Sidewinder did.

So here’s to you, Sidewinder, a special tribute from Bishara Resorts to a man-av who knows the value of good PR lies in responding to customers, regardless the trivialness of the issue at hand! Not that Havoc 4 was trivial, not in the least. So this tribute also goes to you for doing the impossible and doing it damn well. So ok, you missed that there was this whole creative community of SL residents that were negatively impacted by H4 and you were led to believe waves in SL were just cosmetic, but at least once you realized your mistakes you came through and started communicating with us all, and that is all we ask. O, yes, and maybe that we first check out the impact of any future upgrades of Havoc on the Beta grid until we know that we won’t turn surfers into submariners again 🙂

And if it was not for you, Sidewinder, and your team, Dumisani Ah would not be able to cross sim borders and remain blond and shoe’d!

Cheers to you, Sidewinder Linden!