Can someone help me leave comments on

So after trying to leave 17 comments over the past three weeks on I am about to give up.  This morning and yesterday I left several comments to some pretty cool posts from Torley Linden, only to have none of them pop up.  Possibly something causes my posts, previously successful, now to be called spam?  Weird times.  I guess I will have to comment on his work from way over here on Bishara’s blog 😉


Torley Linden’s latest blog – 13-tips-to-maintain-boost-your-creative-inspiration – rocks!

Hi all and apologies for such a derge of blog entries this year. I hope to be much more proactive in 2008 😉 I started by reading an excellent entry ( on Torley’s blog and it has profoundly affected the way I am taking on the new year. I only just read it but realized just how little of the recommendations I actually subscribe to or have as a habit. I am not talking about a blog that helps directly anything that Dumisani Ah does in Second Life in the way Torley’s other blog entries do, but rather an even more profound influence on the person behind Dumi! And is that not even more important an impact to make?
I have come off a year filled with highs and lows, and massive swings in personal experiences from the good to the bad. Having seen my company battling for survival for months, I was blessed to see my first child born to my beatiful wife and me, a son, and that was the absolute HIGH of 2007. It was quickly followed by the near loss of my father to a heart attack that had me rush him to hospital, watch him flatline twice, and almost die a third time when his blood pressure would simply not recover, following by a harrowing wait during his quadrupal bypass operation, and having to scrounge around for the GBP25,000 all this was to cost me with the immense stress of our personal situation further maxed out by this financial stress. It was not pleasant to add a rush to the hospital in the early hours of the morning with my mom who had collapsed a few days after this experience with my dad, and having to ensure she too had been given the best emergency care debt could buy, leaving my wife and I reeling under a debt burden of thousands of pounds just as we started our new family, and a company that is barely moving forward. Torley, boy, do I understand those deep depressing valleys you refer to in your blog!
In that time, I spend most of the time in Africa, in Cape Town mostly, where communications are at best lacking and where I battled to maintain some sort of coping relationship with everyone at Bishara, and especially my loyal and supporting friends there. People like VW Sands, Sheep Cheney, Greene Tangerine and others helped me refocus in those few precious minutes that I did succeed in connecting to Second Life, and it was like a day at the spa, to immerse myself in our beautiful virtual world where for a moment or two the strains of real life could be forgotten and one’s creativeness given wings.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement and for making Bishara the success that it has been. Mostly to you, Torley, thank you for your honest and candid posts that leave me always with so much to ponder, so much to try 😉