Waves,waves, waves (smiles,smiles,smiles)

Aloha Bishara – At last! The new sims went on-line and in less than 48 hours have been transformed into pure magic (by magic?) Majini is now surrounded by  even more waves! Pepo to the east, Wimbi to the west and the crown jewell Epic in the middle – the Bishara estate is sl surfing at it´s very best.

Our dear friend Poid was on hand to help with Pepo and she has created a night-surfing expierence not to be missed, simply awesome! Thankyou Poidy 🙂

Wimbi too is a must surf, shoot the rocks on Pipes and fluffs and if you get in the mood for something BIG, paddle over to Maji and pick up the beautifull new Epic.

Stay tuned for some fun new suprises!

Mahalo, /V

PS. Did I mention how excited I am?