The Bishara Marketplace

The Bishara Marketplace is a new venture in the Bishara Resort island group that gives retailers the opportunity to resell their products in a tented environment outside the mall. With a lovely square and fountain, and some beautiful trees and bird life, the shopping experience is likened to an open market in RL, and we hope that you will find it very entertaining and lots of fun.


What is the OPEN|STORE?

Some of you have asked what the OPEN|STORE is all about and I am delighted to share with you its purpose and function on the islands. OPEN|STORE is simply the retail space in the Bishara Resort estate created for new designers who wish to start up in Second Life with the sale of their own product (preferably) or the resell of products on behalf of the designer. The store is not intended as a place for merchants who have already owned a store before or who have retail experience in Second Life. The store is specifically designed to give new residents or new designers a leg-up in the retail work in Second Life, and as such the 6 slots will be filled with some unique products from new designers all keen to sell you product. Besides the free stand for an 8 week period, Bishara Resorts will help promote the products in Second Life as well, giving the new vendors every opportunity to succeed.

If you are interested in free retail space or a free store, and you are a new designer of goods that you feel are unique, then IM Dumisani Ah inworld to discuss.

New Mall Construction in Progress

We’re developing a new mall in Bishara Island, an open style with pre-installed Hippo vendors and a profit share model for designers wishing to start out and for people wishing to help support us by profit sharing with us. The open style has already had many great reviews and we are delighted with the responses.

Dolphin Products will continue to be expanded to help out anyone with free scripted objects, for two reasons: One is to showcase the wonderful and rich contribution by scripters to the Second Life community, with the scripts used in the Dolphin line being Open Source or released under public licenses for use freely amongst Second Life residents, and Secondly to help anyone wishing to understand better how these products or scripts work and to learn as I am, how to script themselves (trust me at 40 this does not come easy for me 🙂 ).