Mori Pwani Beach

A good friend of mine told me just a few weeks ago of a beautiful new resort in Second Life, called Mori Pwani, and I have noticed how much the place has changed him in the few visits he had to it.  Seems he has lost the melancholy caused by the loss of Bish almost completely now, and trust me that’s a fantastic thing!  Memories are good, but not when they go all black on you 😉

Anyway, I thought since he has become such a changed avatar, that I MUST direct all the other lost Bish souls to this new place from my blog, so when I finally do get to log back into my life and visit it, you will ALL be there 😉  So, get to the resort homepage and just see how real this new paradise is.  I hear from this same friend of mine that an old bikini wearing surfer dude buddy of mine apparently made the bulk of these sims along with a crazy team of surfers, and that it feels much much better than Bish ever did.  Knowing that it could only have been VW Sands, I completely agree with that statement and wish Mori Pwani, VW, Lissa and everyone there the very very best!

Keep those boards waxed, I’ll be back before you know it!


Overdue congrats….

Aloha! Been meaning to post this all week……CONGRATS to Colleen for her win at the SJ7 saturday past! Colleen was joned on the podium by Wilfrid DeCuir in 2nd spot and (YAY) Kim Henig in 3rd spot. WTG Kim!

Then, as if that were not enough back-patting, Bisharians RULED the final heat at the Surf City open on Sunday past with not less that 3 riders in the final! Crusader grabbed top spot and our very own Quench Spotter surfed AWESOME all day long and managed a P2! Yours truly picked up a third and another Viber, WickedV Carver came in 4th. 3 riders in the top 4 – WOOOOOT!!!

This weekends JJ Lanes Shortboard at Morant should be a BLAST too and at last count Bishara had not less than 4 riders entered to fight for the top step of the podium AND gain some precious team points! Come cheer us on or even better, join us in the water! Few spots left so register@

Paddle Hard,


Happy 5th Birthday Second Life!

May your pixels glow with new features, your viewer with smoothness, and your grid be clean and robust! All the very best for the next 5 years.

With our warmest wishes,

Dumisani Ah, VW Sands, Chigadee London, Lance Corrimal, and the entire Bishara Resorts team.

Bishara/Majini events………

Aloha Bishara! Here is a list of the up-coming events planned for the summer………..

June 18th (wednesday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a midnight Surf session on Pepo – Come surf the amazing break on Pepo under the cover of midnight skies. Prizes and freebies for all surfers. Not a contest per-say, just a good time with friends and a chance to make new ones. Open to ALL!

June 20th (friday) 6 pm SLT

Join us on Majini Island to celebrate the 2008 SLSA surf season. Partywave for our fallen heros followed by awards to the 2008 season winners.
Live DJ´s for 9 straight hours to encompass all timezones and plenty of fun to be had. Don´t miss this very special event! Open to ALL!

June 28th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for the 5th VSA Surf-Jam on Majini Island. Cash and prizes to the top 6 finishers, plenty of music and hot surfing action as always! As always spots are limited so please sign up by IM as soon as possible to secure a spot. SJ5 is also the Bishara Resorts chance to raise money for the Relay for Life so come out and support our efforts! Vibes members ONLY!

July 2nd (wednesday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a wednesday session on Wimby Island where we shoot the rocks, jam to the sounds of Reggae and hang out in the hide-out for an after session party. Perfect chance to get tuned up for the 4th of July weekend yanks! Open to ALL!

July 12th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a windsurfing comp on Majini Island – Come challenge the 60 footer with a sail! 24 spots max so get signed up by IM and come out to Maji for a exciting time. Cash and prizes, freebies and plenty of fun to be had, don´t miss it!

July 16th (wednesday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for a wednesday session on Majini Island where EVERY wave is a PARTYWAVE! Jam to the sounds of classic surf music, drink Corona and pass out on the deck after dancing all night! Open to ALL!

August 9th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for the 6th VSA Surf-Jam on Majini Island. Cash and prizes to the top 6 finishers, plenty of music and hot surfing action as always! As always spots are limited so please sign up by IM as soon as possible to secure a spot.
Vibes members ONLY!

August 30th (saturday) 11 SLT

Join the VSA for the 7th VSA Surf-Jam on Majini Island. Cash and prizes to the top 6 finishers, plenty of music and hot surfing action as always! As always spots are limited so please sign up by IM as soon as possible to secure a spot.
Vibes members ONLY!



*All dates subject to change and to SL scr**-ups 🙂

Season finale!

Aloha Bishara! This weekend is the final event in the SLSA competition surfing season and Bishara is well represented by not less than 4 surfers! Please come out and woot for us on saturday at El Corazon. IM me for an LM or search “El Corazon” in your main map.

The season champ and the next 2 SLSA Hall of Famers will be determined after this comp. An awards party will be held on June 20th so  check this space for details or better yet, join the SLSA for in-world notices!



Waves,waves, waves (smiles,smiles,smiles)

Aloha Bishara – At last! The new sims went on-line and in less than 48 hours have been transformed into pure magic (by magic?) Majini is now surrounded by  even more waves! Pepo to the east, Wimbi to the west and the crown jewell Epic in the middle – the Bishara estate is sl surfing at it´s very best.

Our dear friend Poid was on hand to help with Pepo and she has created a night-surfing expierence not to be missed, simply awesome! Thankyou Poidy 🙂

Wimbi too is a must surf, shoot the rocks on Pipes and fluffs and if you get in the mood for something BIG, paddle over to Maji and pick up the beautifull new Epic.

Stay tuned for some fun new suprises!

Mahalo, /V

PS. Did I mention how excited I am?

Woooot! (?)

Aloha Bishara – A quick update on the surf scene:

In preparation for this weekends Windsurfing comp, Heather Goodliffe has been hard at work tweaking the Epic in an effort to give the competitors a solid big wave to play on. A quick inspection of the new wave in Edit revealed “Epic3”, making it the first in SL and it seems to be running better than the old wave although somewhat slow for board surfing. More importantly however, the “pusher” and the prim seem to move much more in time with one another all but eliminating that annoying ride we use to get 4 meters out in front of the wave! After the comp this weekend, we will see if there is an option to speed things up some for board surfing.

Still no word on a server side fix for the physics issues, making frontside turns remains nearly impossible. Hopefully LL has something in the works as this has nothing to do with either the boards nor the waves but instead how the 2 interact.

And lastly, the new H4 boards are being sent by the vendors on the sims. Good news? They float! Bad news? The camera scripts leave one totally blind in the Epic! Only option is mouse-view and we all love mouse-view right? Heather is aware of the camera “problem” and I would think that the “old” cam scripts will be shipping with the new boards sooner rather than later.

All for now – see ya in the line-up 🙂