Mori Pwani Beach

A good friend of mine told me just a few weeks ago of a beautiful new resort in Second Life, called Mori Pwani, and I have noticed how much the place has changed him in the few visits he had to it.  Seems he has lost the melancholy caused by the loss of Bish almost completely now, and trust me that’s a fantastic thing!  Memories are good, but not when they go all black on you 😉

Anyway, I thought since he has become such a changed avatar, that I MUST direct all the other lost Bish souls to this new place from my blog, so when I finally do get to log back into my life and visit it, you will ALL be there 😉  So, get to the resort homepage and just see how real this new paradise is.  I hear from this same friend of mine that an old bikini wearing surfer dude buddy of mine apparently made the bulk of these sims along with a crazy team of surfers, and that it feels much much better than Bish ever did.  Knowing that it could only have been VW Sands, I completely agree with that statement and wish Mori Pwani, VW, Lissa and everyone there the very very best!

Keep those boards waxed, I’ll be back before you know it!


2 Responses

  1. Dumi, you are always welcome to crash with us. We would dearly love to have you. I’ll even make V give up some of his prims. hehe
    While we are saddened by the loss of Bish and the dream that was there, we have been truly blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. We have been blessed to take that feeling that Bish instilled in us all and take it with us to a new place where it continues to live. V and I love ya darlin as do so many others. We miss you.

  2. I think I met your friend Dumi! Great dude, Joe somethin think it was 😉 If ya se him tell him to PLEASE stop by more often.

    Oh yeah, the crew wants to buy ya a pint and refuse to take no for an answer so call me next time you stumble up to the bar 😉


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