Group Liabilities

Aloha Bishara!
Let´s see if I can make this clear as we STILL have some members that do not understand……….
Until Dumi returns, the Bishara Group has no “owner”. That means that WE are responsible for group liabilities (30L per week for search inclusion). Now, both Dumi and I have said time and time again that if you are among the members (of 900) that have been charged 1L all you have to do is IM me and I will refund the 1L.

The simple solution is of course is for Dumi to allow group “officers” to pay liabilities (in the roles) but until he can log in and make the neccesary changes in the roles it´s up to “us” to scrape together the whopping 120L each month.

Again, if you have been charged for group liabilities but refuse to IM me for a refund and instead open group IM´s to complain about being charged 1L, yell about “poor management” and trash talk, well maybe it´s time you get some perspective.

If the thought of a 3% chance of being charged 1L each month (refundable) to help us maintain this group until Dumi returns is just to much for you to deal with then leave the group.

Think nothing of the 30.000 USD Dumi has paid on your behalf in the past 3 years nor the 1500 USD each month he pays to provide us with these great sims.



2 Responses

  1. 150% agreed.

  2. Hi everyone
    I hope you dont mind me writing a few lines about what Bishara means to me, now that it’s going offline.
    Dumi, Chris and I saw Bishara come to life almost 2 years ago, it was soooo beautiful, so full of possibilities, and we had so much to do…
    We created a virtual place where we felt home, and we spent uncountable hours of fun -and also some frustrations, i have to admit-.
    I hope each one of you has enyoyed Bishara, and hasalso felt the love with which everything there was done .
    I really have no words to express the sadness i’m feeling…
    I just can say, i feel blessed for having been a small part of this place.
    Best for you all, specially best for Dumi.
    (On behalf Chris and Verena)

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